Work Smarter – Exchange and Negotiate Claims Online

Hub Exchange


  • Guaranteed delivery of claims and all supporting documents
  • Online negotiation
  • Single instance documents
  • Vast improvement in turnaround times, efficiency and cash flow
  • Included in our CMS product
  • Directly links to your existing system or accessed via our easy to use Exchange web portal
  • Broker participation fully supported for broker-based trades
  • Wet and Dry industry
  • Web based with no set up costs
  • The platform destined to become the industry standard


  • Easy-to-use claim preparation and document sharing
  • Configure set of required documents per claim type (owners, deviation, etc.)
  • Instant claim submission and guaranteed delivery
  • Online negotiation via our all-embracing Communicator
  • Built-in instant messenger
  • Detailed workflows to manage the full process from submission to final settlement
  • Fully audited negotiations
  • Fully audited claim updates
  • Claim diary
  • Automatic and manual alerts features