Electronic Bills of Lading are here to stay!

21st June 2012 phil Operations 2 Comments

I was pleased to see the press release this week from Electronic Shipping Servives(ESS) advising that Preem have adopted Electronic B/Ls for their refineries in Sweden. See www.essdocs.com for further details. For those of you who have missed this revolution or are sceptical after the many attempts in the business eb/ls are a reality and […]

How big is this business?

21st June 2012 phil Information 0 Comments

In January 2011 there were 11,092 tankers in the world merchant fleet (Note 1) and 1,350 tank barges operating in European Inland Waterways (Note 2) but how many voyages do they make each year? That was the question Hub Software Engineering www.hubse.com was trying to answer a month or so back when we were updating […]

Free Information

1st June 2012 phil Information 0 Comments

In the January edition of the Asdem newsletter I wrote an article about the importance of keeping up-to-date with court cases and developments in the business. See the January newsletter here Asdem News January 2012 There is no substitute for attending a training course and hearing about the latest cases from someone who has had […]

What a difference a Day Makes

14th May 2012 phil Time Bars & Nominations 10 Comments

We heard this week that the Home Office got it wrong about the deadline to lodge an appeal in the case under the European Convention on Human Rights ECHR. Any good demurrage analyst could have told them that. The Government said the deadline for the appeal was midnight 16th April, whereas the other side said […]

European Oil Barge Conference – Review

14th May 2012 phil European Barges 2 Comments

Last week I was at the first European Oil Barge Conference in Rotterdam and here is a quick summary of what went on: Mark Richardson, Senior Barge Operator, Hess Energy Trading Co. Ltd Mark’s opening paper “Barge Operations Past, Present and Future” was a great start to the conference giving us all a history lesson […]

How to Resolve your Argy-Bargy

2nd May 2012 phil European Barges 0 Comments

This post first appeared in May 2012 Asdem Newsletter.  To see this Newsletter please go to www.asdem.co.uk and look for the ‘Newsletters’ tab Argy-bargy is an old term for a wrangling argument or verbal dispute derived from an old Scottish word argle, which is assumed to be a derivative of the word argue. I think this is a good […]

Part-Time Terminals in the Barge market

18th April 2012 phil European Barges 0 Comments

Part-Time Terminals in the Barge market Welcome to my first blog. I will be commenting on all things connected with shipping and trading with particular focus on oil tankers and barges. This first blog is about the ARA barge market, and if you’re not interested in barges please look in later for other articles – […]