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Missing Time Bars

22nd March 2013 phil Time Bars & Nominations 0 Comments

Oh how your heart sinks when you realise you’ve missed a time bar! We see those cases that hit the courts where a missing document such as an NOR or a pumping log can make a difference and I’m sure we will continue to see more of those disputes in the future. What about missing […]

Time bar notification clauses

30th November 2012 phil Time Bars & Nominations 1 Comment

I read Andrew Wilding’s article in the latest Asdem newsletter about a time bar case he was involved in.  This dispute went to arbitration and is another lesson for claimants to adhere to the wording of the clause.  The clause required the owners to notify charterers within 60 days of completion of discharge an estimate […]

What a difference a Day Makes

14th May 2012 phil Time Bars & Nominations 10 Comments

We heard this week that the Home Office got it wrong about the deadline to lodge an appeal in the case under the European Convention on Human Rights ECHR. Any good demurrage analyst could have told them that. The Government said the deadline for the appeal was midnight 16th April, whereas the other side said […]