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Spring is on its Way

8th January 2015 phil Demurrage 1 Comment

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When does Undisputed Demurrage Become Disputed Demurrage?

9th October 2014 phil Demurrage 2 Comments

Vessels heading to West Africa often incur lengthy delays as the nature of the trade now dictates that discharge is to a series of lightering vessels to several different final receivers.  Clearly delays due the timing of these lighter vessels combined with weather and other operating problems means that the mother vessel could be waiting […]

Force Majeure Clauses

19th September 2013 phil Demurrage 0 Comments

I came across an article a couple of weeks ago in Tanker Operator ‘World’s “Hot Spots” Cause Havoc’.  The article relayed the report from McQulling Services which indicated that continued unrest in Egypt could affect tanker demand if there was disruption to the Suez Canal.  The article also mentioned disruption in Libya, Iraq and […]

BIMCO Pushing the (port) Boundary

19th September 2013 phil Demurrage 3 Comments

There was an important announcement last week from BIMCO when they published ‘Laytime Definitions for Charter Parties 2013 (Laytime Definitions)’ which they have produced together with the Comité Maritime International, the UK Chamber of Shipping and FONASBA and the document has been endorsed by each of the mentioned organisations.  The definitions together with the Special […]

How is the Demurrage Rate Agreed?

4th July 2013 phil Demurrage 0 Comments

I am often asked how a demurrage rate is determined in a charter party.  I reply that it is similar to fixing the freight rate but there are some differences. How is the freight rate agreed?  This is determined by two factors; the size of the vessel and the state of the market. Most freight […]

Asdem International Conference on Tanker Demurrage

27th June 2013 phil Demurrage 2 Comments

In May I attended the 11th International Conference on Tanker Demurrage and here is my account of what what went on.  I have attended almost all of these conferences since they started and I think this was one of the best amongst them for the content and quality of speakers.   David Clark, lawyer at Waltons […]

Is the 24 hour Pumping Clause Dead?

22nd March 2013 phil Demurrage 8 Comments

WARNING – I have rewritten this post – my original was based on ExxonMobil VOY2012 version 1.0. The latest and only official version of ExxonMobil VOY2012 is version 2.0 dated March 21 2012 which I’ve only just discovered myself. There’s not a great deal of difference between the two but the pumping clause is slightly […]

KPIs – be careful what you wish for

17th January 2013 phil Demurrage 1 Comment

It’s that time of the year when we look back on 2012 and start thinking about our targets for 2013. Management are very keen on giving everyone Key Performance Indicators which are often used to determine pay and bonuses. KPIs drive behaviours so be careful what you wish for. Several years ago there was a […]